Business success leads to growth. Growth means more employees, more customers and more risk. Everyone wants their business to be a success, but you’ve got to manage the risks with adequate insurance coverage or your business might go bust.  

Whether your business is a non-profit charitable organization, a restaurant, a main street retailer, a real estate firm, a lawyer’s or doctor’s office or a massage therapist, Healy Brokerage will get you the right coverage for your specific business needs. We also cater to commercial building owners such as apartment buildings and office buildings.

We offer the gamut of business and commercial insurance, including:

  • fire
  • liability
  • flood
  • workers compensation
  • crime
  • directors and officers
  • professional liability
  • auto
  • umbrella liability.

Additionally, we have access to premium financing.

Healy Brokerage specializes in small, medium-sized and new businesses (startups) We’ll work with organizations, whether for-profits and nonprofits. Workers, the building and contents have to be covered, as well as premises liability, product liability, and completed operations (contractor’s liability) to cover contractors when there is property damage or third-party injury after their job is done.

Workers Compensation: It’s the Law…
Then there is workers compensation, which businesses shouldn’t ignore.  There are business owners out there trying to circumvent this obligation. If you have people working for you and you pay them by W-2 and W-4, you have to have the Workers Comp.
“That’s the law in New Jersey and New York,” Healy warns.  The rules in both New Jersey and New York are different. If you own a business in New Jersey and have employees working in New York state, make sure you show those employees as New York state employees. The same applies to New York employees working in New Jersey.  Call us- we can help you straighten that out.

Business has faced a serious threat in the 21st Century in cyber crime with hackers stealing information, corroding and disabling files and shutting systems down. That’s why cyber liability insurance protects everyone in your business. This coverage is also available for personal and homeowners policies.

Special Protections for Nonprofits…
Gilda Healy knows nonprofits well. She had given presentations in the industry on the subjects. Liability coverage for nonprofits primarily applies to the directors and officers. It could be the treasurer dipping into the till, for example. Allegations of sexual impropriety are becoming all too common against executives of both for-profit and nonprofit businesses and organizations. The risk is particularly high in organizations catering to children. Policies for these organizations offer sublimits just for sexual abuse and molestation coverage in addition to the rest of the coverage offer for the directors and officers.
Coverage is also offered for the premises that the non profit occupies as well as for the building, crime.

“You have to be direct with your clients even if it is a sensitive issue to talk about,” Gilda says.  “That’s a big deal today.”

Liability coverage is essential in most businesses, and the classic examples are restaurants and bars. That’s a lot of liability. It’s not just the premises and the property, which are certainly vulnerable to accident, damage and injury. There is also liquor liability.

“I won’t touch a restaurant with a bar unless they allow me to cover liquor liability.,’” reports Gilda, who sees it as a protection for both the business and its customers. Even if you are a BYOB establishment, you should have liquor liability, you are the host, you helped serve the liquor even if you do not have a liquor license to sell liquor. “If you were the last stop of the night, you’re the first dragged in if there’s a lawsuit.”

If you don’t see the type of coverage you need listed here, please contact us directly through our website by clicking here, email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 732-614-6103 to learn more.