Covering Private & Commercial Collections of Fine Arts, Jewelry & Much More…

Whether you are a private collector, gallery owner, museum curator or director, Healy Brokerage can assist you with your artwork, jewelry and other collections no matter how great or small.

Collectors invest much of themselves—you might say heart and soul— into everything from stamps to wine. Gilda Healy at Healy Brokerage is uniquely qualified by both education and experience to specialize in Fine Arts & Jewelry Insurance, protecting what they have invested financially and ensuting peace of mind . Gilda brings her experience in the museum field and as an insurance professional to Healy Brokerage. With a Masters Degree in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University, she lectured at Seton Hall as part of its Museum Professions Program.

—“I have always been drawn to the unique needs of museums and art galleries,” says Gilda Healy. “It’s not just about covering the value of collectibles, but things like the transport of these collections from one place to another.”—

Private collections of art, jewelry, antiquities and other items have various options that we can recommend to fit your budget and needs. The jewelry may be family heirlooms which, though priceless to you, should be protected at least financially in case of disaster or theft.

Inventorying Is the Key…

This may fall under personal property insurance, which covers everything inside your house and other buildings on your property. Some homeowners insurance includes the estimated value of contents, which is generally furniture, appliances, computers and printers, home entertainment systems and other items, new as well as the old stuff you have accumulated over the years. It is pretty much everything that is not part of the building. Some should be updated regularly, which might require a floater policy above and beyond your homeowners’ policy for your collectibles. We’ll help you with a complete inventory.

Several things that apply to private collections, whether it is jewelry, art or hobbyist type of collections:

 Document everything thoroughly and assess value as accurately as you can. We can help make that job easier and more efficient at Healy Brokerage

√  That inventory must be detailed and you might find that the value of your collectibles tops the maximum allowed under your homeowners, and you might require a floater policy just for your jewelry and other collections.

√ The general rule is that you should insure expensive personal property separately, and you may not realize how expensive it is until you’ve done a detailed inventory.

√ You’ll probably want comprehensive coverage for anything that might happen to your expensive collectibles, including damage from fire, floods, earthquakes, theft and breakage.

√ Remember there is a market for just about every collectible and the insured amount must keep up with values.

√ As is the case with museum and gallery exhibit items, your movable collectible should be insured when outside the home, notably in transit to exhibits or shows. In other words, each piece is covered whatever the location.

To discuss what you need for individual pieces of artwork, or a collection, contact us at 732-614-6103, email [email protected] or right here on this website.