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“From Niagara Falls to the shores of Cape May, we’ve got you covered.”

Gilda Healy, Managing Partner of Healy Brokerage, is both an insurance and museum professional whose service area includes the cities, small towns and rural areas of both New York and New Jersey. Michael Healy, her husband with decades of experience in the banking business, is the CFO of Healy Brokerage.

Gilda has been in the insurance business for 41 years and launched Healy Brokerage LLC in the spring of 2014 with husband and partner Michael Healy. She spent years on the underwriting and claims end, gaining an appreciation of the risks and liabilities that can imperil home, business and auto owners.  This wealth of experience enables her to advise you on all aspects of insurance to protect you on every front where there are personal, financial and property risks.

She concedes a passion for fine arts and has both the expertise and experience to expertly cover commercial galleries, museums and private collectors. Ask us about coverage for this, we can customize this coverage to the individual need.

Healy Brokerage obtains insurance services for other private collectors and owners, including those who show, sell or display jewelry, antique autos and sports memorabilia.

Healy Brokerage has access to the big  ones like Liberty Mutual, Travelers, Hartford, CNA Insurance Companies, Cambridge Mutual, AXA Art Insurance Company and Mini Co (satellite to AXA)., Mount Vernon Fire Insurance Company and, on occasion, I do business with U.S. Liability (USLI).”

Gilda Healy is not an independent insurance agent serving a group of insurance companies, selling for whoever offers the best deal.  She is an broker with access to the best of insurance markets.

Brokering on Behalf of the Client…

I work with companies and intermediary facilities. They work for me. I bring them the clients. They can tell what they can do for the client and what they can’t. From there I custom fit the coverage to the client— Gilda Healy.

Gilda brings a unique combination of experience in every type of property and casualty insurance across a spectrum of more than four decades, as well as the museum and fine arts fields. She is a licensed broker in the Property and Casualty for New York and New Jersey.

In addition, Gilda also holds a Master’s Degree in Museum Professions from Seton Hall University, and is an experienced museum lecturer there and for community and private groups.

Liability drives the insurance business, whether it is a one-day event or the vehicles and equipment used in your business. Then there are the professionals who represent a high risk for liability claims, including doctors, lawyers, accountants and others who present a high risk of liability claims. This is professional liability and though the premiums may seem high, the consequences of not having it may put you out of business.

“Would you rather pay $5,000 for insurance or $25,000, even $250,000, if you’re sued?” she asks.

We also offer license bonds for contractors as well as estate bonds for estates.

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