Your home is your castle and, for most of us, it is usually your largest personal investment and greatest physical asset. The number of American adults classified as homeowners has ranged between 62 and 65 percent since the 1960’s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau— even though more than half of that percentage don’t own their homes at all until they pay off the mortgage.  

Gilda Healy at Healy Brokerage will help you protect this critical investment— from palatial homes, middle-class family homes and multiple family dwellings to condominiums and apartments. We’re here  to help you determine the coverage you need.

At Healy Brokerage we know where to go to insure your home. For example, an insurer may only offer so much in covering a house dating back 100 years or more, even if updated, well maintained and in excellent shape. Gilda Healy has the contacts and resources to turn to other insurers and get the coverage you deserve.

We offer the most comprehensive and price-friendly coverage you can find whatever the size or type of home.

Homeowner’s Insurance is more than assessing the value of your home and then underwriting the coverage for that amount. Everybody’s home is different, even when the structures look the same, because the people inside are different with different needs. The Healy Brokerage can custom fit the perfect coverage for you.

What kind of protection do you need for your home?

How about…

  • the building itself, a.k.a., the replacement cost, including improvements and any unique qualities that add to its value
  • contents or personal possessions may often be as significant at the building itself, especially if your home contains fine art, jewelry or other valuable collections
  • flood insurance, which is especially critical on the seacoast or along inland waterways
  • Liability protection, including personal, umbrella (extra or  additional limits) and even animal coverage for damage done by pets

And those are just some of the basic challenges in covering your home, including additional living expenses when not you’re not able to live there. Through our Fine Art & Jewelry coverage, your personal art, jewelry, stamp and coin collections and classic autos will at least be covered in value, even if not replaceable.

Gilda Healy will also work with both landlords and tenants in rental properties, including houses and apartments.

Coverage for a landlord might include:

  • Damage to premises caused by tenants
  • Damage to furniture, appliances and personal possessions used by renters
  • Damage to property from vandalism
  • Personal liability
  • Loss of rent

Renters too may take advantage of coverage similar to homeowner policies, including loss of personal property, fine art and jewelry and alleviating cost of accidental damage.

“I will not promise things I can’t deliver,” vows Gilda. “I’ll give it to you straight.”

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