Whether you are a small business owner, first-time homeowner, buying your dream house or your retirement home, investing in artwork, operating a museum, collecting antiques, starting your small business, working with a non-profit or just looking for special event liability insurance, Healy Brokerage can help you quickly and efficiently.

Multiple Services for Multiple Needs…

Everybody we meet is different, not just in their likes and dislikes, but in their goals and priorities. That’s why we don’t take the convenient path with cookie-cutter coverage. We can guide you on what you need for your specific situation as a homeowner or renter, as well as making sure that your business or organization, whether new or well-established, has the best coverage. That includes both for-profits not-for-profits.

Our services include:
 Reviewing your current coverage, apprising you of your options and then working with you for the best plan.
 Risk Management advice: “I have to go wherever I have to go to benefit the client as long as they know the risks,” explains Gilda Healy.
 Workers Compensation rules vary from state to state.  If you have people working for you , you have to cover them for this.
 Property coverage for the building or just the part you or your business occupy.
We help you cover the physical structure of any kind of commercial building, whether a retail store, restaurant, office. Or just the interior parts you occupy as a tenant. If your house is your home, we cover it. If your home is part of that house, we’ll cover what you occupy as a tenant.
√ Property coverage includes contents like your jewelry and artwork.

Jewelry may be anything from your engagement ring to the brooch handed down from your grandmother. It may be enough to amount to a collection that is of significant value. Artwork may include paintings, sculpture, photographs, sports memorabilia and even your wedding gifts (another kind of collection) while they are at your wedding reception location.  They may be covered under your homeowners content policy, but you also have the options of separately covering them with what we call Floaters or Inland Marine Insurance; which is additional coverage particularly effective for items that may be easily removed from the premises via transport or theft.
√ Auto: your own personal car, the one you use for business, even food trucks for the restaurant you own.
√ Casualty and Liability for the premises of your home, business or other property.

When it comes to property, if you own it, you are liable when there are casualties on the premises.  Risk is greater— and its assumption more expensive— if you have a lot of customer traffic or if your product or services can be blamed for negative consequences on or off premises.

  • Liability for a bar or restaurant-and-bar, as owner or renter, you’ll need Liquor Liability for your business, even if your restaurant is a BYOB.
  •  Liability for plumbers, electricians and other construction professionals contracted to work on the premises.
  • Liability for the so-called professional: the accountant, lawyer, financial adviser and even the massage therapist. Liability also extends to architects, engineer and building contractors.
  • Liability for nonprofit organizations like museums and community meeting places, and not just for premises but boards of directors, officers, paid staffers, volunteers and others with active roles.
  • Liability to cover one-day events like wedding and anniversary celebrations. Let’s not forget those fundraisers in towns all across the country, including walks, runs, triathlons, art festivals and concerts— all for a good cause.
  • Homeowners insurance plans for the building, contents, liability, windstorms and more. If your home is destroyed or damages, we can see that you have living expenses during repair and rebuilding. Flood insurance in also available.
  • Renters insurance with coverage options similar to homeowners.
  • Bonds and Surety Bonds guaranteeing performance of contractors like  plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Also Customs Bonds, Notary Exclusion, Probate, Public Officials, ERISA (Pension Plan), Bid and Performance bonds.

Finally, as the weather gets crazier, it is advisable to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. You need to know exactly what you own and a detailed inventory when the unpredictable happens. We have a plan that we can help you implement for home or business.

To discuss your specific property/casualty insurance needs, determine what coverage you need, or to learn more about our Disaster Recovery Plan, contact us at 732-614-6103 or through our website by clicking here or by email at [email protected].